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Jetting a 34 mm 2stroke carb to work on a 1000cc 4stroke

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I know this might seem a little odd to ask, And not really dirt bike related but I figured this would be a good place to start.

Anyways, Ive got a early '70s 1000cc Harley tucked away in my garage, and its missing the carb. I happen to have a 34mm Keihin PE carb of an 87 KX250 laying around my garage. So I figure why not give it a shot. I know the stock HD carb was a 38mm Bendix and the engine was rated for 60HP.

Mounting the Carb up isn't a problem, but how do I know where to start to get it running at all? I know the bike isn't gonna run that great with this carb, but I don't see why it shouldn't run at all. What do you all think? I'm figuring its gonna need to be jetted for more fuel but how do i even know where to start?

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