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Carb Swap

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So I met this guy out here who told me about the CRF450 carb swap into the XR650L.... Has anyone done this swap? Does it work asside from the air boot mod? Is this a viable swap and are the results good?

Edited by 1997 XR650L
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Yeah I am in the middle of my conversion. I am not sure if the brand new carb I bought came directly from a CFR450 or not but its the same FCR-MX. It works very well so far but I am dialing it. You will need a NOSS airbox adapter to make it fit your XRL and new throttle cables either from sudco or motion-pro. The jetting I am using right now are as followed,

main jet 165

pilot jet 45

pilot air screw 2 turns out

leak jet blocked

air jet none

needle OBEMR 3rd clip

To me the bike is running a little rich. I'll know better once I install my wideband oxygen sensor later this week. I also tried a OBEMN needle but it was much too rich from 1/8-1/4 throttle but it might be the blocked leak jet. I bought a AP cover that has an adjustable leak jet screw so I will work on that as well. Check out my other many posts about my conversion.

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