What elevation do you live at ? what main jet are you using?

Mine is as follows.

elevation 3500

Main #170



Most of our riding is done at sea level at Ocotillo. I am running a 172 main. As it is heating up, we usually head up hill and go up to the Alpine area or Johnson Valley area. The altitude is approx 3-4k. Any recommendations for a different main jet size?


Hi. At 3 to 4K I use a 165 or 170 depending on how I have my exhaust set up at the time. Both work well. I always use the 3rd needle clip position (competition needle).

I live at 650' elev. and run the 175 main here. When I go to Colorado to ride, I use a 155 or 160 main above 8500'. Both work well from my experience. I have used the stock pilot jet and stock radiator cap in all cases and have never had any problems. (My thermostat is stuck open though, haha.)


1000 feet, 170 Main, (because I already had it in by tool box :)) Most of us jet like either whimps or like we have to pay for it if we cook it! :D

4623' before going up mountain trails, probably 5500' max. 172 main jet with side panel cutout (2" diameter hole with fine mesh screening).

I run rich because of the amount of sand that I encounter. Rich jetting makes better power at WTO (Wide Throttle Open) in the sand (under load).

Thanks for the replies guys. I thought this info would be helpfull to others and am suprized that out of 68 reads so few replies. Maybe everyone lives at the same elevation. I'm with you needsprayer on the deep sand advice. Great tip for those that dont know.

im at 1600 ft and was running a 175 with no exhaust tip, ran great, no heating issues, good power in deep sand and mud. running 170 now with drilled factory tip and having some serious bog problems.

1000 FT


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