bar mount 2010

I kindly doubt it. You would probably need inserts to go in the ends of the bar cause that is where most of the vibration is felt which is in the grips.

That is what I'm guessing. I dont think I feel any vibration in my bars I just know the stock bars were to low for me so i bought some bar risers and tried them out yesterday at the track and man in made a world of difference to me.

i could turn the bike way better than before and could lean the bike over farther in the turns. I was able to go through rutted corners more precise and faster.

I just rode 50 miles on a new set of bars, the Sunline OSX bars that help with vibration. And they did help for me and my bike. Plus I found I like less sweep than I thought I did before. As a bonus they were on sale at for $34.77

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