Helmet Cam - Coeshow Built CRF150F (223cc)

I just did this to show how I'm now able to take the hills in 4th gear rather than 3rd. The stock 150F engine didn't have the power so I had to take them in 3rd, now I'm able to easily fly right up them in 4th with the extra power. If you watch my August 2, 2009 video it starts at the base of the same hill and you can see and hear the difference. It now has plenty of power even when starting a little low in 4th gear or any gear and there is a big increase in power throughout the entire throttle range.

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Nice place to ride. Sweet how it all turned out to. Looking forward to sending my sons motor in to have the cc's boosted.

So I'll be doing that in a week or so, huh? hehehe. Sweet.

So I'll be doing that in a week or so, huh? hehehe. Sweet.

Yes you will. It's nice being able to use 4th, going kind of slow, and then having the power there when you want it. I think every time I go for a ride I'm a little happier with it. The only problem is that I'm still kind of used to how much throttle I would give the 150 going around corners so I keep sliding the back out pretty far once in a while.

Don't mean to threadjack...but it's on the same topic, just want to show the power the bike has in the hills. Few videos of myself riding on my bike which was also turned into a 223cc by Coeshow. Little different setup than Airmaxx, as my engine is using an 11:5 piston, Webcam and XR200 26mm carb.

very nice!

I can't wait tell I get around to building my 150f's motor...

Nice man, I may be getting a 450 sometime later this year if my dads friend decides to sell it. I got the "old man" into riding again! I was hoping to turn my 150 in a 250, now that would be sweet.

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