shorter kickstand

I've searched with no luck. I need a shorter kickstand for 2005 EXC. Therear suspension was lowered and the OEM stand has the bike about ready to fall over. I saw companies made extenders and hd stands, but haven't seen shorter stands. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Just take the stand off. The foot is just pressed in. A little heat and it will pull right out. Now cut a inch or so off the end of the stand.{ It's hollow} Fit the foot then put the stand back on. Use a little epoxy and glue the foot back in. Set the bike on the stand to adjust the direction of the foot and the bike weight will keep the foot from popping back off while the epoxy dries. I did this when I put my SM wheels on and it works great.

mjf is dead on. i dont know if i would do a full inch to start off, you can always trim more off, but if you cut it too short you are stuck buying a new one and starting over.

the old "cut it twice and its still too short" problem.

but it is easy

Ive done 3 this way, had to get the leg hot with torch to get the foot out.

You can also buy a kickstand for the 105XC.

47003023044 SIDE STAND CPL.105XC 16/19

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