carb Q's 650

got my bike from my mechanic yesterday 07 dr 650.

the carb was cleaned tuned with stock jetting.

also the needle was shimmed.

here's my concern is the idle circuit was drilled.

the bike seemed to run great on the 1-2 mile test ride at the shop.

lots more bottom end power, the rear tire felt like it wanted tear out from under the bike.

could there be any issues with this mod?

the bikes got a k&n filter,snorkel still on,super trapp with 6 plates.

Are you talking about the plug over the mixture screw. If so, it needs to be removed to thoroughly clean and to tune it in afterwords.

not really sure, just said the the idle circuits got drilled to richen them up.

If they are talking about drilling out jets (instead of just uncovering the pilot screw) it seems to be a favorite thing to do by some shops. :lol: If she runs good now things won't change down the road having to do with their mods so enjoy the tire smoking beast! :thumbsup:

just had a chance to test it on a 30 mile ride. good performance! the engine starts in 70 degree weather, runs smooth with no choke.

just installed trail tech new tto tach+hour meter as well as oil temp gauge.

my engine ran as cold as 130 on 40-45 mph riding went to 180-190 at 60+ mph.

it was raining steady.

will try to post a pic of the new tto setup on another thread.

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