Need some suspension help

I have a 05 crf 450r and the fork seals are shot in it and im going to replace them soon. The bike had proaction go through all the suspension and put subtanks on it, and set it up for 185 lbs. Now that would be great for me if i was 185 lbs, im 240! can any of you guys maybe give me a hand on how to get my suspension set up for my weight?

any help is appreciated

Put a set of .50 front springs in it. Can you get the sag set with the spring thats on it?

You could just call ProAction and ask them too...

no i wish i could get a measurement, but the thing is all torn apart, and my fork seals were so shot that it sagged about a inch and a half lower than it should have been. i guess i should give pro action a call being they where the ones who did it. i thought it was alot more than just springs that needed to be changed, i thought the valve stacks and oil levels and stuff all have to be changed. and for the rear wont it need more nitrogen and a heavier spring?



It may need a heavier spring or it may not. Thats why youve got to attempt to set the sag. The fork seals have zero to do with the ride height. And its not uncommon for the fork to drop into the stroke when you sit on the bike too. You could just do the seals and then set the fork oil level at say 400cc in the outers and save yourself some dough.

But If you've got 600 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, that's a completely different thing.

You should always try to get the bike as good as you can with what youve got so your suspension guy knows which way to go before he tears the shit apart and starts from scratch.

If PA set the bike up for a 185lb rider and you are 240, you are going to need stiffer springs front and back.

If PA set the bike up for a 185lb rider and you are 240, you are going to need stiffer springs front and back.

That is the truth.

Valving is not weight specific, it is the springs that are weight specific.

it's not just the springs that are weight specific! for a heavier rider the weight of the oil may need to be changed in which case the valving will need to be changed. i'm not sure of PA but if they are like FC then they will revalve it for you for free. all you'll end up having to pay for are the springs, shims and oil.

i'd give them a call and see what they can do for you!

thanks everyone. ill have to give pro action a call, i know a lot of my buddies get there stuff done for free by them, but i believe they are sponsored. that would be cats ass if they do it for free. quick question. along with a heavier spring for the rear, wouldnt i need more nitrogen as well?

again thanks for everyones help.

i believe the only reason they put nitrogen in the shocks is because 1) it wards off moisture. i work on electronics in F-18's and some of the electronic gear in it has to be charged with nitrogen to keep moisture out of the gear to prevent corrosion and also to prevent sparking in waveguides in the radar antenna's. and 2) because it doesn't expand or contract nearly as much as air meaning that during a long moto when the shock heats up the feel and action of the shock doesn't change. so to answer your question, no i don't believe you will have to add nitrogen!

Nitrogen is used because it doesn't expand when it gets hot.

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