TE250 or TE450?

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to get a new bike and am having trouble deciding between the TE250 and the TE450.

I am 5'9 and 165 lbs, my first dual sport I had was a Suzuki DR200, and I've ridden a KLX 250S. I live in Manitoba which is all fairly wide open, not too much tight singletrack so I'm leaning towards the 450.

Is the 450 too much for a light guy like me? I don't want to spend the $$$ on a new 250 only to outgrow it in a year. The price difference is minimal and not part of my consideration - I want to make sure I get the right bike for me.

I will be doing mostly trail riding and some gravel roads, not too much road riding.

What do you guys think?


It's not quite splitting the difference but is the TE310 in contention? I'm 5'10/165 and traded my KLX300 for a TE310 in Nov. If you haven't seen it, look through this thread...


I'm still doing the hard (aka slow) engine break-in on mine, but recently had a chance to hop on slapdrum's powered up TE310. Nice! I didn't want to give it back but he made me.

Good luck!

I would definitely say TE 450! It is an absolute hoot of a bike for the wide open...may even consider the 510. I don't think that you would outgrow the 250 as most of never use the bike to it's full capacity. It's more a question of the type of riding you do. The 250 is perfect for tight single track. The 450 can manage tight single track, but can tire you out. I think from a engine durability stand point and the the type of riding you will be doing, the 450 will not be revved out quite as much as the 250.

Unfortunately the dealers don't have any 310's in stock so it's not an option (it would be if I was patient, but I want to ride!)

Thanks for your responses guys, I pretty sure I'm going to go for the 450 :thumbsup:

I look forward to joining the Husky club!

Id go with the 450. I think its easier to de-tune the 450 if its too much than build up the 250 if its not enough. If you were running a lot of single track then the decision would be a lot harder. You would probably be easier on the bigger motor which might make it last a bit longer too.

Go 450 you will out grow the 250 to soon. I know.

Thanks for all the replies guys! 450 it is!

Now if only I could hurry up the buying process I could get out riding it quicker... :thumbsup:

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