2-stroke exhaust o-ring

the one between the pipe and the jug, pretty much universal or do i need to get something specific?

They are specific to bike make and must be rated for high temperatures. The ones at the hardware store will just melt. If you know the size you need, you can buy them online for less $ than through the dealer. I bought a bunch through McMaster-Carr.

Unfortunatly i don't know the size off hand. The bike is home, i'm at school for the week (college) and it's a GasGas so I can't really even walk into a dealer and ask for one. I'm going to the dealer today for brake pads (they are the same as a 95-01 CR) and was hoping i could grab a o-ring in the process to shut it up cause that vibration is annoying. Although now that i know what it is i won't really worry about it.

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