Buying a CRF100 frame

The stock suspension on my 80 is horrible for me. So I found a COMPLETE CRF100 roller for sale all it needs is the motor. Has the forks, swing arm, plastics, wheels and tires. Is $150 a good deal for it? Also, will my xr80 engine fit into it with no probs? How much higher will it be than the 80?

Yea it's a good deal, but the 100 suspension isn't much better. It sits (I'm guessing) 2"-3" higher than the 80. Your 80 engine will bolt right up. You will have to swap the rear sprocket out and get a longer chain though.

the 100 frame is the exact same as the 80

Will I need a longer chain if I just buy the swing arm and forks?

yes you will

alright..Well I was texting the guy that has the roller and when I asked when we could meet, he never responded to my text. I've tried calling him numerous times with no answer. Making me mad because I really want this..

I wish I could find one.

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