Mega Bomb

Anyone have a MEGA BOMB on their 450X? Not a friggin Power Bomb like I posted before. What are the noticeable power differences that people are gettting compared to stock. I like the way the stock header pulls compared to an R header that I tried. Had to shift to much with that on.

supposed to pull even harder on bottom, with more mid to top. call FMF and see what they say.

I have no personal experience with the Megbomb but FMF claims it adds couple of HP. Pricey though.

I have one, the stainless version that they finally came out with for the x. Bought it during FMF's 20% off sale so not bad on price. I'm running it with the stainless mid-pipe and a factory 4.1 can with the quiet core/sparky insert.

No need for titanium header and mid pipe as my X is a tank to begin with and I need the durability over a few ounces saved.

As compared with the full stainless Dr. D system I replaced, I like the overall power response from the FMF better. The Dr. D pull real well low to mid but seemed to give up in the high range, as stated earlier the FMF seems better over the whole range of the bike and no appreciable loss down low, it still chugs great.

Sound wise, the FMF seems quieter than the Dr D, whether a case of the Megabomb and sparky insert I'm not sure but it still barks nice when you rap the throttle. I like how the Megabomb is tucked in better than the Dr. D, I still put a guard on it as there is a better chance of pant burn with the FMF. The can is also more compact and tucked in than the Dr. D.

Fit was great and no issues at all getting it on the bike. Overall, very pleased with the product and will be putting the Dr. D system up for sale.

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:thinking:I wonder if the fmf header will work with another companys slip on:thinking:

They work with an R muffler just fine.

They work with an R muffler just fine.

Hmmm... I might just have to try one with my LeoVince muffler.

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