North East Riders

Any North East riders going to make the Loudon Classic in NH this weekend?


I am working 12 hours BOTH Saturday and Sunday... :)

Maybe you can make the Red Fox, the Ammonoosuk, or the one in South Berwick (I don't know the name of this one) later in the summer.

I hate it when work gets in the way of fun! I missed the last weekends NEMX race at Jolly Rodgers due to work! :)

I'll be riding Saturday, and Sunday is Southwick 338!

Stop by and say hello. I will be there Fri. and Sat. night. Just look for a late 70's Ford Honey motorhome with a Hipoint trailer.

I broke a 12 year tradition of making it to MX338 last year. I guess I'm starting a new tradition because this will make 2 years in a row I won't be making the trip.

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