Gas pains?

When I ride and especially when I race, I sometimes get very painful cramps in my upper abdomen. I would like to idenitfy the cause of this pain. It sure takes the fun out of racing.

The pain is centered behind the lower ribcage and is well inside the body cavity. This feeling is most intense when I ride seated through braking or acceleration bumps.

So far, I've tried taking Gas-X with breakfast (seems to help a little) and removing my kidney belt (strangely, taking it off seems to helps the pain subside). Is this just gas or could it be something more serious?

Thank you.

No one has experienced this?

That sounds like a load of sh!t. :thumbsup:

As an ER doc, I think of the bad things first...but at your age, its probably just cramps like you would get when running. Mention this to your doc the next time you go..and tell him it is really concerning you.

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