I have a ? the atv forum hasnt answered...


Hello all wise and knowledgable group of 4-stroke geniuses, I bought a 98 Warrior a few days ago and when I showed up the dude already had it running for me (shady) and it was idling real high like it had a vacuum leak, but it revved up ok so I took it for a spin to make sure the tranny was ok, which it was. I then shut it off and went to the auto shop next door to borrow a can of carb clean to hunt for the vacuum leak. I start it back up and its idling fine...perfect even, but when you hit the throttle it falls on its face. If you hold it open it dies. So I buy it for a few bills less than the asking price figuring its a carb issue. I get it home, pull the carb, go through it and the only problem I find is the choke is really dirty. A bunch of dirt in behind the plunger. Thats it though. All the circuits are clean. The clip on the needle is in the middle, it has a 145 main jet when stock is 125, the pilot jet is stock, it has a big gun exhaust and a pro designs filter kit on it. I know its running rich, and it has fouled the plug once so far. I would like to put the stock main back in it and see what happens, but I dont really think its gonna change much. The mix screw is out 1 turn right now, but I have had it from 3/4-1 1/2 and it makes no difference. I am at the end of my common sense rope, and I think I may be thinking to hard about the solution to this, as it seems that an easy fix is just out of my reach. I dont wanna start changing part after part, so please help meee!!! The vent hoses are clean and open also.

Sometimes the reverse lever ground gets rusty making the engine run likes its in reverse all the time (RPM limiter)

Ok I will check it, please put some heads together to try to help me out Thanks again! I JUST CHECKED THE GROUND, ITS OK.

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I bought a warrior one time and put a pipe on it and jet kit. I could never get it to run right until i put the stock jets back in it. I would try that first.

Ignition is to blame. It has sporatic spark, pick-up coil possibly or cdi or a burnt wire or short. Thanks to few.

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