Jimmy Albertson´s first GP, oh well....

Jimmy Albertson made his GP debut this weekend. The results were sadly not that impressive:(.

Moto 1: 16th

Moto 2: 20th

Albee´s comment after the race:

“The weekend started and finished pretty badly. I was behind in the times during practice and could not make it right in the motos. I was trying so damn hard but it was just not coming to me. I want to do well and I am much better than where I finished. I need to re-group this week. I have been training so hard up this that now maybe I have to take a step back and get things right in my head. I knew the guys here would be fast but I thought I would be also. They were haulin-ass, those guys are top notch. I honestly thought I would come here and hang with them for a little bit but that wasn’t the case. Mantova is next and although I know the track that does not give me an excuse for here; I had a whole day to learn Sevlievo. I owe it to myself and the team to get better next weekend.”


Jimmy and his brother Gregg on friday before the GP

Well..... I guess it can only get better ! The track was very tuff and very typical euro....with alot of ruts and hard edges. So with a little more euroriding under his belt Albee should be able to be top 10 contender.

Sadly no Honda rider at all in the top 10 this weekend :lol:. But as said....it can only get better.:thumbsup:

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A bad move by honda to let Desalle go, i have a feeling he will have many top 3 places this year... By the way, that track looked to be very fun (and difficult)!

Thanks for posting this! Keep us informed if you would, thanks

I would give anything to race just one season of GP in Europe

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