Jetting qs put to bed

Ok..I have to step up here and take one for the newbies. In my haste to get my bike running perfectly,I was guilty of trying to shortcut my way to an answer. I asked too many questions instead of doing the PROPER thing and RESEARCH the boards for my answers. I am going to make it simple for everyone, go to search and type in jetting qs with no apostrophe. There you will find years of research by taffy, Hick, James Dean, and most of the experts on the subject. Is isn't fair to these guys to keep asking the same questions over and over again, as I was guilty of. I found more info in 20 mins of reading then waiting 3 days for all the responses. The answers are there..even for the newbies, as I have found. Now as far as fine tuning..then we should ask the experts!...Thanks Taffy for your patience! :D and maybe the jetting q thread should be permanent like the woodruff seems to be the hottest topic in here! :)


yep it would have been so helpful a year or two ago if they had helped us. we tried to help everyone to the point of exhaustion, most of it was to protect the jetting we had found. large jets and weeds are identical-turn your back go inside, look out the window and there are those weeds again!

we simply got wornoput in the end.

i think it's how all of us except TT feel. they're still prepared to read the original unchanged "de-octopuss" by clark mason which patently needs a footnote.

the TT organisers have been asked by several people to archive this in a sensible, keep-it-to-the-point thread.

you know, we started with just a WR400 and YZ400 side and the info was so good here that everyone came here for good info. the numbers flew up and bryan bosch hung in there through family troubles, moving house everything to get us where we are today with 20,000 members.

i think sometimes that people forget who to thank for the work that was put in to make this such a great site.

i don't know whether this is a profit making site now for someone, i don't mind that they do, but i do mind being ignored and forgotten.

says a lot of things about a lot of people.


I think then we need to either submit a poll on wether to put it as a permanent thread or have evryone that wants it as a permanent thread to speak up and go to bryan and show him. As a first time thumper owner, it had been difficult to find info pertaining to making my bike run at it's peak performance, heck, I didn't even know about the woodruff issue until I found TT, let alone the gray wire mod,airbox, etc etc. I would hope that TT would recognize this, and accomodate those of us who need the help.


I think TT was set up to try and help all us folks who are into dirt bikes,to start placing demands on the founder`s of TT would be a little of the mark i think!,i wonder if when TT was started did anyone realise just what an important part of every day life TT would become(and all for free too).20,ooo people is a lot off folks to keep happy!,how much time do you think it takes to manage a squad that big(and it will grow),i found this site because i needed and wanted to learn more about our bikes(and still do!),i dont think that any of the guys on this site who have obviously put so much time and hard work into trying to help every one of us will ever be forgotten (i thank you all for the sound advice you choose to share!),yes i understand why a jetting forum would be handy,but i do think it is good to see some old hands keeping newer one`s on the rite road,having a browse through the post`s is for me what TT is all about,we all need to share the work,and keep a good record of the hard won lessons!,I hope to many demands wont be placed on the folks running TT or we may end up being the victim`s of our own success? :)

Thanks are in order to Steve Claus, who after a little prodding :) Decided it would be a great idea to make it permanent. Thanks to all of you who answered both here and in pm. Soooo start readin folks! :D :D

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