Caliente riding?


With the SNORE caliente race coming up I was wondering what, if any, riding opportunities are in the area?

If you prefer to pm info that is better than posting publicly IMO. I am a responsible and active desert user and do my part to keep areas open so don't worry about me being detrimental to this area if any riding exists.

Thank in advance,


You can go practically in any direction from Caliente into the hills and the surrounding trails. Plus Lincoln County is OHV friendly as you can ride on all the surrounding roads (except for the state Highways) to gain access to and from the trails and motels.

However they do say something about working head and tail lights and a working brake light, pretty much geared toward a quad I guess and not sure how much they enforce it.

Just google OHV Lincoln County, NV

Thanks for the info, this place sounds like a real gem. I am going to try to find camping near water for fishing that we can ride from. sounds like a great place for our group as the kids are getting into riding more and more and would have other intertainment!

Thanks again,


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