Chest protector mod help

Can anyone tell me how to take the shoulder guards off a chest protector so it fits with a leatt brace? Kind of like how Trey Canard does it, I don't know if they use zip ties or something to hook the chest protector to the brace?

There's a couple of ways to skin that cat. Some use doubled zip ties, Canard now uses little straps. I've been using a cut down leather belt for three years and it still works as good, or better than anything else I've seen. If you can measure, cut and punch a leather belt, you can make this work.


Cool thanks! Your belt method seems really good actually, I never would've thought of that.

I used an old leather belt with mine and it works great.

I'll definitely try the leather belt, but just out of curiosity, how would you use the zip ties?

From what ive seen you open to small holes through the leat and then loop the zip tie through the whole and chest protector and then just adjust the height. You may also find a point of the leatt from where you could loop the zip tie but I've never really looked for one. The only thing I dont like about the zip tie method is that you dont have the option to take the chest protector off its always on. It is easier to put the leatt on thought with the zip tie method.

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