$1500....how to spend it...????

Alright, thats what I've got...and honestly, I'm not going to save anymore for a bike. I have about 5 hobbies that I dump money into (photography, hunting, fishing, archery) and I dont want to blow my whole wad on a bike!

I want something fun, that will run trails, climb hills, do a "little" track work...put around behind and in front of my 8 and 11 yr old daughters...etc..etc...

I am REALLY leaning towards a KDX... but also am keeping my eyes out for an XR 400 or 250 and am always watching for a DRZ 400...

Then... I'll see a great deal on a YZ 125 or a KTM 200 or something...

I guess my main question when I started this thread is...should I look for a bike for like $800 (maybe a 98') and be able to put $700 into it!! Or... try to find the newest, best deal possible and spend $1500 on the bike!??

Thanks for any advice...

Another bike that you should look into is a yz 250 two stroke. 1999-2002 are right around that price range and you will have a great bike too!

Is there a big difference in the noise levels of, say a DRZ 400, XR 400/250 and say a KDX 200 or YZ 250??

Thanks Scren... I'll keep that in mind.

I dont know about the KDX but my YZ 250 screams!

You mean..... its loud??:thumbsup:

A yz with an appropriate silencer is actually pretty quiet (either fmf Q or Q stealth). I can actually talk to my riding buddies with the bike running, well since I picked up a 450, not happening anymore.....

The nice thing about the two strokes, they seem louder than they actually are. The four stroke on the other hand, ARE loud! The sound of a four stroke I think resonate a lot farther than a two stroke. I remember going out to redbud when everyone was on two strokes, and you could start hearing them when you get close to the venue. Now, with all the four strokes, you can hear them from at least a mile away!

I have noticed that about the Thumpers... that deep voice really carries.

How about something like this? Why is this bike so cheap???


Other than it is a "5 Stroke" which could make it awfully hard to find parts for!!! ;0)

I just called this guy...

Frankly, I dont know much about bikes, but this guy knew less than me... He was like, "yeah, I dont know, my buddies tell me it needs new fork seals" and "Yeah, I dont know, but my buddies said it needs a new throttle cable..."

Whats the risk in buying this bike? I mean, if it "starts right up" every time, like he said on the phone... I buy it, have $200 left (unless I offer him $1100 and he jumps on it???) and have some $$ to put into it??



If that guy doesn’t know much about that bike then chances are he didn't do very good maintenance with that bike. I know from enough reading about those thumpers if you don't keep up on the maintenance you are just playing with fire. I would seriously look the bike over, like at the air filter and oil before buying it. If they are dirty then walk away. I know dirty filters and oil will kill any bike but those four strokes are prone to much more expensive problems because of poor maintenance. Plus if you are tight on money you don’t want one of them. I just ordered a new complete top end kit, clutch basket and clutch kit for less than $500 for my 01 rm250. Still on its fist set by the way. Try that with one of those four strokes. Go with 2stroke IMO.

I'm glad to hear advice like yours, because I grew up being told....AND learning... that "If it sounds too good to be true, It IS too good to be true"..

I mean hell, I looked and looked for a TTR 90/ KLX 110 for my daughter and it was a chore to find ONE OF THOSE for under $1300!!


any 2t you buy will be loud, but it will also be much cheaper. and smell good:D

and most people(including me) love the sound too!!

Good luck on finding a bike in good working order for less then 1000. I remember the days when older bikes were in the $600 to $1000 range. Now they are $1000 to $1800. Plus you don't know if you have a ticking time bomb on your hands either. Next thing you know you have $1000 into a bike that you bought for $1300.

any 2t you buy will be loud, but it will also be much cheaper. and smell good:D

and most people(including me) love the sound too!!

Oh yeah!!!I love to hear mine and the smell.... well there ain't no rose garden got anything on that!:lol:

You can find a nice older late 90's early 2k 2stoke for 1k and put 500 into and you will have great bike that will last you for years of trail riding. Just do your maintenance. YZ, kx, CR, RM, KTM, what ever is your favorite color. If you are small go 125 if you are big go 250. :thumbsup:

I am only 5'7" and "should" weigh about 170....

I have seen some good deals on 125's and am not opposed to checking them out... are they ok trail bikes? Is the low end there???

Thanks! And I know finding a decent bike will be hard. I am going to try and be patient and just keep watching. I ended up finding my daughters TTR for about 1/2 the going price... I'll just keep watching Craigslist and the paper! (I missed a dang 200 EXC the other day for $1600.... didn't know what I was missing till now....)


125's make fine trail bikes. Especially with some mods, like a good pipe, exhaust, so on and so forth. Now if it's stock thats ok but it'll need a good rider who's got experience with a clutch.

I can use a clutch, but I am not fond of having to replace them! :0)

If it was me, look for a late ninety model year 250 two stroke. There are just as many deals out there as there was ten years ago, or even more with this "economic condition" that is out there. Hell, from what it sounds like, you might even be in the market for a mid 90's two stroke! There are bargains to be had out there, just have to keep your eyes open. I picked up a 1994 cr 250, needed a top end (150.00) and my friend needed a faster bike, so I sold it to him for what I picked it up for (500.00) and he has a great bike that suits his needs for under 700.00! Just become familiar with the lowballing game, and then work up from there in price, the worst that they will do is come back with a counter offer!

Spend as much needed on the cleanest bike you can find. If that means spending 1500 on a 125 thats insanely clean then do it. I bought my 05 yz 125 for 1600, from the best seller I could possibly buy it from. Crank was perfect piston was fine when I opened it up, very clean bike. It is equipped with pro circuit pipe/exhaust, race tech suspension, skidplates, and many other parts on it. I got it all for 1600, its better than having to buy a 800 bike and spending money on it and not being able to ride it.

although i am a big four stroke fan these guys are right, if you get a four stroke and the motors bad in it your going to be out a lot more money than on a 2 stroke. A YZ125 or 250 would both be great bikes. I used to have a KX125 and that thing was fine on the trails.

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