Fcr fuel leak over night

cant figure this one out :thumbsup: i touch the bottom of the 17mm nut at bottom of carb loads of fuel there every time

ive stripped n blasted the carb twice with carb cleaner,

payed particular attention to the float inlet making sure no restrictions or sticky needle syndrome

double checked the float hieght was set to 9mm

fitted new jet inspection O ring

petcock is manual and works as should

even tried running the bike until i hear bike rev up with petcock turned off to make sure not much fuel in bowl b4 i switch off

my float bowl gasket looks ok still raised above the flat but beggining to suspect this is the cause what u guys thnk ??

float bowl gasket.

cheers Eddie, also is the brass inlet hole where the float needle sits removable is there another O ring in there ?? tried to manouver it last time i had the carb apart but seemed pretty solid in there

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