Rebuilding a CRF250R 4t motor.

So I Might be trading my 1996 CR125 for it, it's a 07' that was ridden for 2 months before it blew up. He paid 9g for it at the dealership, he ran 2 stroke fuel in it because thats all he had laying around the yard. I can get the parts dirt cheap online, I just gotta get a rough estimate on how many hours of labour it takes to split the cases, redo the con rod bearing, and seals. Also then of course reassemble the whole motor, tune the valves, etc.

How many hours does it take a skilled mechanic to do? How much do you usually pay a dealer for a whole engine, parts included? My tech charges 50$ or so per hour, so I just want to know how long it usually takes to do what I said.


I think you have to look beyond the 2t fuel as the cause of it.. guarantee that was not the issue..

so everything needs to be replaced? If I have all the tools needed and motor out of the frame I can tear it apart in a few hours, were time is spent is either sending the crank out to get rebuilt/trued, sending the head out to get the seats cut/guides checked and cut.. and waiting for parts to arrive, and if you forgot to order any parts the first time.. if everything is there and ready to assembled I can do it in a day 8-10 hrs, including pulling and installing the motor.. tho its always wise to take your time, take breaks, keep organized and clean.. so a good mechanic who is patient and keeps organized will span the rebuild over a few days.. from what I remember Honda will give their techs about 10-12 hrs flat rate time to complete the whole task..

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