crf150f wont start

yesterday i went riding on my 150f playbike. when i got back to the shop, i let i idle outside for 2 mins while i took my suit off. when i came back, it woulnt come out of idle. today, it would crank and rev in choke, but it wont run unless it is in choke. when i put in run it dies every time. i derestricred bout a week ago. i check carb, and air filter and it was fine. it did putter alittle bit though. still no idea whats wrong with it. please help thanks...

When you de-restricted it, did you also re-jet? Could have also fowled the plug. pull it out and let us know how it looks. Also, chock is up, off is down.

yes i did the correct jetting, and the sparkplug is fairly new, and at the right color so i still cant understand why it wont work.

Sounds like one of them is plugged. Check your float and float valve also.

Did you put the slide back in the right way? How about the funnel looking plastic piece around the main?

it does sound like it is a clogged jet

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