clutch question

i want to replace my clutch in my 96 kx250.ive looked at the rockymountainatvmc tusk brand clutch kit for $ this any good,do any of you have any experience with this clutch seem really good.



Is there anything wrong with your current clutch? I would trust a functioning but old set of OEM plates than a new set of tusk plates.

I love the tusk brand, but have little faith in them when it comes to engine components.

I am currently running Barnett plates and heavy springs. They work well, with a nice progressive feel and a very firm bite.

I read the reviews prior to buying them for my sons 125. And, as most said, they swell and you lose clutch feel. After we got his bike rebuilt Sat, he rode it all day Sunday, after about 4 hrs straight of riding, we had to adjust his clutch almost all the way out. We'll have a set of OEMs real soon. At least we got new steels and heavy springs as well as a new billet basket in there.

basically, worth it if you don't ride for long hours, great fo easy trail riding and putting around.

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