NEMX Southwick and Middleboro standout pics!


I took thousands of pics at Southwick and Middleboro but these ones really stood out!!

Sick scrub??


Nope its a faceplant!


Testing the bottoming devices!


Swapping and he was down!


2 faceplants coming up



Cartwheel before the spectator jump


Check out more at

Were you taking pics at southwick this sunday for nesc?

No sorry I wasn't but I will be at Central Village NESC next weekend.

No sorry I wasn't but I will be at Central Village NESC next weekend.

Sound good, see you there.

member at central village. we had a little water damage and as a result you guys get a new track! Just brought in a lot of new sifted dirt and ended up resurfacing 2/3s of the track. Really jealous as I need to work the gate this weekend. Have a great time!

Poor Fernando in those first two pics. At least it looks like his #500 KTM. Do you sell pics or just messin around?

Didint know that was you. Something was wrong w/ your site the other night. Wouldnt move on to the shopping cart screen. Will you be at Crowhill tomorrow?

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