DRZ 400E Starter gear possible failure?

I went to start my 2001 400E on the starter yesterday and it made a grinding noise and wouldn't start.

I opened the starter clutch cover and pulled the starter clutch out, I turned the engine over by hand on the crankshaft to try to see where the problem was.

When you turn the engine over by hand the gear that the starter clutch meshes with does not turn properly.

I think this is where the problem is, I have been looking at parts schematics but I can't work out which gear this is (I'm not that good with bike engines!).

Any Ideas what this problem could be?

The bike was starting perfectly up until this happened.


Remove the stator cover. You will find the bolts are backing out or have backed out.

You took the starter clutch out? Thats the one behind the flywheel... Or you took the starter torque limiter out? That is the one behind the small round cover..

Please take a picture and point out what you think your issue is.

No, it's not common to have starter system issues on a DRZ other then the battery it self and if the locktite fix is not done preventivily...the starter clutch to flywheel bolts have been known to back out and shear... makes a mess of things

bolts x3

Thanks for your help Guys, It was much appreciated.

The bolts had backed out.

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