Help me choose a color for my rebuild with pics

I need some hel picking out what color to powdercoat my frame with. Its a 1989 yz250. Factory color was white and red but I'm looking to change the color to a white and blue. I am already have white 92 yz250 rear fender and side panels and 89 white tank scrouds. I need help picking out what color powder coat and what color front fender and number plate.I'm thinking the first one on the left. I'm also thinking about blue front fender and white number plate 99 and older plastic and blue CEET griper seat. Let me know what you think


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ya the 1st one, ime thinking of doing the same, wish i could do it in yellow, but no go!! i will powdercoat the frame the same colour as my 03 wr450 found front & rear fender for it in blue send me some pict


I agree the first one

the first one or the second from the right

Another option is powder coat the frame silver. My 03 WR250F below and the frame colour looks right to me. But that's just my opinion.:cheers: Have fun on your project.


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