Which Sprocket choice for 300exc?

I need a little help if you don't mind - I am entering the Erzberg in June and wondered if anyone has suggestions for the best set up for sprocket choice on a KTM300 exc. I'm thinking of two set ups, one for the prologue and one for the Red Bull Hare Scramble. Obviously I will need more speed on the prologue but will have to climb some seriously long hills on the scramble but will need good control over rocky sections too - any suggestions please?:thumbsup:

Erzberg, crikey! Good Luck.

My 08 300 with 13-50 is too tall for some of the steep stuff we ride, so for Erzberg I would think a 13-52 might be required. That way you could use 2nd gear more often.

Also with those massive descents a lower gearing would likely help you out.

Just copy Taddy!

Thanks for the tip Dazzabb - I will give it a shot and see!:thumbsup:

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