TTR, alot of mods, Whats it worth...

I'm selling my TTR very soon and was seeing if I could get some input on what this thing might be worth....


BBR 150 cyclinder, Cam,

BBR rev box

BBR Carb kit

BBR Cradle

BBR Shifter

Renthal Rear Sprocket

Yoshimura Full Exhaust

ASV Levers

RM85 conversion:

RM85 front end, forks (revalved, resprung for higher weight), RM alum wheel, brakes, wave rotor,

RM85 full rear conversion, RM swingarm , disc brakes, wave rotor, rear shock (resprung, revalved), Brake lever,RM alum wheel ect.

New plastics, graphics, paint all around.

FLY bars, new grips,

BBR gas cap,

I think thats the major things, But I'm sure I'm missing something. I have a small fortune in all of it, but am just trying to get an idea of what I should try to sell this for. After I get some pics, I will probably be posting it forsale on here, locally, ebay, and such.

And yes this bike handles AMAZING with all the RM stuff on it. I think a big difference is the aluminum vs steel rims it had.

Any feedback is welcome, Thanks!

What year is it?

All that stuff you did to it will not make it worth anymore, in fact, usually stock bikes (and cars) will allow your vehicle to retain it's worth.

Although an affectionado may think it's worth more because he has less work to do on it, but that's putting a price on his time, not the bike's worth.

If it's older than a 2003, I'd start the bidding at $1000, newer that 2003, maybe $1700. If it's only a '08 or '09 you can probably try a bit higher.

Its an 03 with 05 RM85 big wheel parts. I figure I will get 15-1800 after its all said and done.


Why are you getting rid of it? That is what should determine what the price should start at.

With all of the stuff on it I would go to the track and post it there and maybe let it sit in the back of the truck with a sign on it for $2,500 or best offer. If your not in a hurry start at $2,500 and go down from there. Monitor the sites for similarly modded out bikes like CRF 150's and see what the market bears. You can always start high and go down from there. Start at the lo end of the cost for this bike which is about $800 and expect to get 1/2 the cost of your mods. And go down from there. No use leaving money on the table if you have time.

Thanks for the info. I think a picture would do this thing alot more justice on here, I will get down to the garage and get one this week.

I'm also trying to decide if I need to put the electric start back on the bike or not. In trying to lighten the bike, I just left off all the electrics for the starter (inc battery).

I have 5 dirtbikes right now and just don't need this one anymore. I'm actually going to be selling 3 of them I think. I have this TTR, another small wheel TTR, and an offbrand 125 pitbike that I will be selling. I'm keeping my 110, and 150rb. I was riding the TTR's on trails but I have reverted back to my yfz for that type of riding.

It sounds like a nice bike.

The painful truth is that if you take a $1,000 bike and spend a million dollars in upgrades, the bike is now worth $950.

If I see a bike that is modded with go fast parts, I assume that it has been ridden harder than an unmodified bike, and is more worn out.

The best thing you can do is put all the stock stuff back on and sell all the after market stuff on ebay. You will make a lot more money. I've done it a ton of times.

The best thing you can do is put all the stock stuff back on and sell all the after market stuff on ebay. You will make a lot more money. I've done it a ton of times.

Exactly right. A little more work involved, but the base bike has a pretty specific value, and the bling will appeal to ebayers.

I agree wit most here. The bike is worth about the same as an unmodded bike is unless you happen to find someone looking for the exact mods you have made and willing to pay a little more. The biggest benefit to leaving everything on it is that you would help a buyer decide between yours and another without any extras.

As mentioned already, put it back as much as you can to stock and have a fire sale. You'll get back all of your money on the parts and still sell the bike for the same amount most likely. It's more work but will work better in the end if you're looking to maximize the amount of the sale.

I just sold a Toyota last year that I had built up. The truck KBB'd at about $5k. I put about $4500 in the undercarriage and ended up selling it for $5750 which I was very happy about. PLaying the mod game gets expensive unless you keep the item forever.

This is a newb question,,, But how can I post a pic here?

George go to the pictures forum and there is instructions at the top

A few pics,





I think you can get much more than a stock bike, provided you're willing to wait for someone who is interested with cash in hand. There are people that want to do those mods to their TTR but don't have the skills or time to do so. The current state of the economy will most likely add to your wait.

I am in a similar situation right now, as I have a modded, street legal CR500 for sale and I know it's going to take some time to find a buyer willing to pay want I want for it. I'm not desperate for the cash so it's a waiting game.

Bottom line, if you can wait, you'll recoup some of your money.


I agree. I'm not in a desperate situation to sell, so I can wait around for a year if necessary/ Have plenty of room in the garage.

I do think its a nice bike, and I should be able to get 2-2300 out of the little guy. I plan on doing some local postings at first and see how that goes for a couple months.


George did you ever ride that thing! It is CLEAN ...nice ride good luck on your sell. You should go to a track where the ladies race. They could talk thier old men to drop a few extra 100 on that for sure. And thier old men will never have to do the work! Post in the thumpette forum ! And put it in the classifieds here on TT

I'm in the same situation. I need to sell my BBR framed TTR150, and after about a year, I've had very few bites. Just the frame is worth $3000 and I only want $3500(ish) for it, but times are tough. I want a new KLX110L, so I would go even lower, but until the construction industry turns around, I'm stuck with it for a while. I just let my friends ride it.

I basically have ridden it around the driveway after getting it together a few weeks ago. I'm not going to be riding it at all before its sold. These pics look pretty good but in person, Its almost spotless.

If only you guys were closer to Iowa. shipping sucks

Shipping can always be worked out.

***Drooooool****:thumbsup:.... yeah, it's a money thing. But I'm the kind of person to tinker my way to where your at with that bike, George.


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