2010 Tank O Ring

I am in desperate need of a stock O Ring on the 2010 Honda CRF 250R fuel tank. It is the one that fits in the grove on the tank were the fuel pump mounts. My IMS tanks failed (a lot of them are according to IMS). I am trying to put my stock tank back on and am missing this O Ring. I know it’s a long shot, but the dealers are all telling me 7 to 10 days out. Does anyone have any extras, and will to send me? Big race this weekend and can’t wait that long. I am willing to pay!

If you can't find a stock one there are numerous O-ring suppliers all over the states that can cross reference the size and overnight them. The 2 tank o-ring sizes are 3.7x73.9 and 2.4x88.4 got that off Motosports parts lookup, might call them also.

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