05' YZ 250 F for $1300?????????

Me thinks something must be fishy, so I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions..:thumbsup:

Unfortunately, I cant just drive over and see the bike, its across the state. On the other hand, I do have a good friend that can look at it for me. My fear is that it actually IS in decent shape and is a steal of a deal...and I miss it... I guess another fear is that it has some horrible problem that the kid is disguising and I get it and it needs thousands of dollars of work??

I've talked to him on the phone... he says it needs fork seals, possibly a new throttle cable and has a "cracked fin"...which I assume is the plastic flanking the radiator? He says the bike starts and runs like 'new'...

Whatchya think... what are the big $$ issues I may face???

You should always assume the valves , crank and piston are shot and factor the cost of rebuilding the motor into buying a used bike that you didn't know the history of. Add in rebuilding the suspension and replacing some bearings and your probably up to a $2500 bike to make it stress free and reliable for years to come.

+1 that thing could turn into a money pit quick... I wouldnt reccomend anyone buy a bike without the oppurtunity to look it over and find all possible costs and problems it may have! Any time I buy a used bike I like to spend at least a week diggin for problem areas with that specific machine, and then I always know what Im looking for when I go to do my "INSPECTION" on the bike. Its worked everytime, nothing would be more disappointing than buying a bike only to have to let it sit because its gonna cost more than you paid for the bike to make it rideable... esp when money is somewhat hard to come by for the average person.

Good points...

You ought to be able to part it out for that much if you did get it. That's the five stroke motor I hear though. :thumbsup:

Actually...that 5 stroke is dang rare, might even be a collectors item someday???

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