MRI Arthrogram, Dr. Mark please help!

http://C:\Users\Kasey\Pictures\Capture.MHTA few months ago I had an MRI arthrogram on my left wrist to see what is causing all my wrist pain. My doctor diagnosed me with a torn TFCC. He did surgery on it, it helped a lot, but i still have some when doing activities. The one good thing about the surgery is that I can now see my veins. For months I couldnt see my veins because my wrist was always swollen. Before the MRI arthrogram my doctor did x-rays, but didn't find anything. He is a hand and wrist specialist. I have clicking in my wrist and I cant hold heavy loads or do push ups without pain. I got the evs wrist brace for when i ride my dirt bike. After a while of dirt bike riding my wrist hurts and I can hardley pull my clutch in and my forearm burns.Dr. Mark can you see if you see anything besides the torn tfcc? Thanks Edited by jdkk04
pic problem

I cant get the picture to post, how do i do it?:thumbsup:

if you had surgery on it, you need to give it at least six months to determine how the result was. The most likely treatment now is time.

Ok, thanks. Its only been about three months since the operation.I'll keep waiting and see what time will tell.

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