XR 80/100: Squealing Rear Brakes

I've got an 02 xr 80 and an 03 xr 100 for the kids. I've put new EBC standard shoes on the front and rear of both bikes. The front brakes are fine but the rear brakes skreech and squeal. I've tried sanding the drums but it hasn't helped. They only seem to be noisy when covering the brakes or during light braking. They work ok but what an annoying noise. Any ideas?

Loosen the axle just enough to move the brake hub around a little bit. Push down fairly hard on the brake pedal while you retighten the axle. This wil center the brake in the drum and apply even pressure. This should help.

Hmmm, that's a great tip. I never thought of that. I had that problem once a couple years ago. I just replaced the shoes and that stopped it. I'll try this next time. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help. I'll try that and post the results soon.:thumbsup:

Well I adjusted the chains this weekend before our ride(my 9 year old rode the 100, not the 80, for his whole ride for the first time!:thumbsup:), and I had my son stand on the brake pedal while tightening the axle. It seems to have helped some but there is still just a bit of squeal. Hopefully it will go away completely if we do this every time we adjust. maybe the pads need to reset. We will see. :lol:

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