clutch cable upgrade for 02+ YZ 250 ('09 cable)

I don't know if this has been covered here before, but I just swapped a 2009 clutch cable on to my 2002 YZ250.

I think they changed the cable in 2008 or 2009... not sure, however I know the 2009 cable is a direct drop in fit.

It's a pretty dramatic improvement in pull and feel. It is a shorter lighter cable with a more direct routing and fewer bends. Worth the $15 bucks for the 2009 OEM cable, especially if you needed one anyway.

I change my cables each year to keep that smooth feel and to save myself the agony of a DNF.

thanks for the tip,good one to know:thumbsup:

I wander if this will work on a 2000 as well?

Great info.

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