Exhaust Grommets

Closest thing I could find is someone said they sell something similar at Home Depot, but never explained. So I picked up a cheap beat '01 YZ125 and it's missing the silencer. It has a Pro Circuit platinum pipe so I was going to get a cheap used aftermarket silencer. Thing is I don't have any exhaust grommets to snag off the old silencer, or have any to go to Home Depot with to match something up. I really hate to have to order some from the dealer who's 30 mins away. Anyone have any other helpful suggestions? This is a beat project YZ, I'm not willing to throw a bunch of money at it.

I picked some up at the hardware store for about a buck.

They are about 3/4" OD, 3/8" ID, and have a groove OD of around .625

They fit really tight, and are at least as good as the OEM grommets, but cheap and right there at the hardware store.

There is a small aluminum sleeve with a 1/4" hole and a 3/4" flange supposed to be in there. You could replace it with a thin 1/4" sleeve and a 3/4" od by 1/4" id washer.

Cool man, thanks for the explaination. I ended up buying a used OEM silencer with the grommets intact tho for cheap. This is good to know to have a few extras laying around tho :thumbsup:

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