Carbon on Fender?? how do i fix *PIC*

I put the Hindle pipe on my bike and now it seems to be running very rich due to the carbon on the fender?

it starts and runs great, once or twice it was a little boggy down low but overall its not bad.

i do want to fix this and i was looking to see what you guys recommend? change the main jet? move the clip?




is for an 07 rmz-450

i just need to know what things i should be looking at and i can make gradual changes..

am i thinking along the right lines with the cause of this being the main jet and the fix being a smaller main jet to lean it out and/or i can move the clip position on the needle?

aside from the carbon on the fender i would of not noticed it having a jetting problem?

When you put the pipe on, how many sizes did you go up on the main and pilot jet?

I didn't change the jetting atall? I thought a new pipe would lean out the system not richen it? Any help here?

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