I've joined the ranks of TTR125 owners!

This past weekend I acquired an '03 TTR125ER! I have street bikes and dual sports, but this is my first-ever true dirt bike. It was one that was hardly ridden and then put in storage, so it has its issues...thus the GREAT price I got it for. It is exceptionally clean, and when I scrubbed it and detailed it, it looks like new except for a few scratches. A new battery is on the way. But it does have the idling issue I'm reading about all over this forum. So hubby and I have to get to working on the carb and all the other suggestions I've read. I did cruise through our dirt alley and around the block, and am rather surprised at the guts the little thing has! I can't wait to get it running right and taking it on the mountain across the river from us. This will be uncharted territory for me! "Off-road" has meant gravel or rutted dirt roads on the dual sport for me. That's why I wanted a smaller, lightweight dirt bike to start. I think I've made a good choice!

Feline you have made a pretty good choice for your first dirt bike. As long as your at it, go for all of the do it yourself mods especially the jetting and Air filter /Air box mods. You will get better idleing and throttle response. From there the skys the limit but the more and more you ride it you will probobly find you will want some stiffer springs. You can find all of the information here on TT. Go to the sticky at the front page of this forum, all of the mods for the TTR 125 are spot on. And the TTR 125's are durable well running machines that don't need alot of real technical maitanance, clean oil and filters and they are ready to go.....oh and fresh gas ....very important!!

Have fun, ride safe and good luck !!!

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