2010 alxe blocks

Is that nut on far enough? It looks like it's hanging on the last thread. I had my Hammerhead block milled on the right side like he guy above. Compare the thickness to the stock block.

Check this thread from a while back. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=862495&highlight=axle+blocks

Hey Mike, It does look bad in that pic but there is 2 full threads exposed passed the end of the self locking axle nut..It's all sweet.

Just give Zip-Ty a call, they have one that works. I'm pretty sure that there is a GYTR one for the ten, I just always use Zip-Ty, I even got a magnetic drain plug for my truck from them.

I called zip-ty and they did have a magnetic drain plug for the bottom(where there is a frame clearence issue) and had them send me one out.

He said the bottom plug was the same as prior years but the sump one (oil tank) was different and they were getting ready to make some and should be ready in a couple weeks. he said he would put me on a list when they get done and give me a call.

Here are Pro Circuit Blocks on my 2010.garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=84534

Those's look a hair wider than the GYTR ones. Cant hardly tell though but they are close





BTO has Hammerhead axle blocks for 2010, which is not listed yet on Hammerhead's own web. It's blue one only, but I'll get one now.

maybe I'm getting old, but I always forget where the chain adjuster was on left side, when I move over to the right. Hammerhead numbered blocks seems like a good idea for someone like me.

Are the BTO blocks for the 2010 actually any different though?

:thumbsup: I don't know. They do have the specific order number for 2010 YZ450F.

If it needed, I guess just have to get it milled like other guys did.

I got Hammerhead's axle block for from BTO yesterday. This one is for 2010 YZ450, parts number "ABY2".


but looks like just milled 09 blocks. back side was bare, and their shark mark on the end is cut. :thumbsup: It has couple of dings in already too. oh well...

GYTR and Zip-Ty both have magnetic drain plugs for the crankcase. The Zip-Ty one is just a hair shorter than the stock drain plug. The Works Connection axle blocks fit perfectly on the '10.

I called Zip-TY last week and ordered me a magnetic drain plug. It came today in the mail.

However the plug was $19.95 the cost of shipping to get it to me was $10.76

I had to pay $30.71 for this drain plug:foul: So I'm sure the other one is going to cost the same amount.

Dam!!!! $60.00 just in drain plugs:rant::thumbsup:

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