Help with a yz426f overheating

Excuse my newbness.....Why not?

Because I can't see anything inside the radiator.

Try this one Gray

It's probably empty.

Keep moving, idle facing into a 10 mph wind, or use a battery powered fan.

There is a very simple solution to this.

Go to and check out the NPG-R. The thing that makes it different from all other coolants is that it is waterless. It was designed origially for big rig diesel trucks. The boiling point is in the 400* range thus making it nearly impossible to boil over.

I use this in all my bikes, quads and even my Powerstroke truck. The dirtbike uses the stock radiator cap but in my Powerstroke you actually drill a very small hole in the cap and run zero pressure. Seems odd, but I have pulled our 5th wheel loaded over the grapevine and Tehachapi in southern California.

Don't get caught up in the silly overflow bottle or fan games.

Just change out to Evans and be done with it.

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