ttr 80?

my gf just picked up what she was told a ttr80. im not very knowledgable on the ttr line so i thought id post on here. she doesnt know what year it is, but the motor is black(assuming from yamaha that way) and its got blue plastices. i would assume its early 90's? i can post up a pic on here later tonight. its pretty rough shape and just wana know the year for parts references

No TT-R 80 and I don't think there was a big-bore kit for the 50, but I could be wrong.

Post the VIN. I bet it's a PW80 which IMHO is a better bike than the TT-R.

sorry guys! i forgot to post back up on here. it is indeed the pw80. and somebody told me if u count back from the end of the vin number to the 8 digit that tells u the year? which i think on this bike is a letter. but the 8th digit from the beggining is a 0 and the next one is a 4. so i assume its either a 2000 or 2004?

Everything you never wanted to know about VINs:

Yes, the year can and often is a letter. 1980 is designated "A", however, this is an anomaly year, some manufacturers used a 0 instead. "A" is also 2010, which is a problem in the 17 digit VIN system. 2000-2009 is 0-9 as one might suspect. Also, only machines built after 1981 are guaranteed to have a VIN, 80/81 was optional, prior to that, every manufacturer used their own serialization scheme.

But all that isn't that important, it's the eighth digit from the right or 10th digit from the left. Use for easy decoding of the year.

Blue plastics could be late 80s or mid 90s through now, the early 90s were white plastics, however you really can't tell anything from the plastics. The VIN is the only one that matters.

Good news, it's a great bike, IMHO for new to intermediate trail/play riders. Oil injected 2 stroke, the oil tank is under the seat. I've never run a tank out so I don't know how long it would last, but I estimate 10 hours. In fact, one weekend, my daughter put over 46 miles on the bike (according to my odometer, the PW80 doesn't have one) and there was still plenty of oil in the tank.

Top speed, perhaps 40 mph.

6 hp unrestricted with factory trim.

Easy to make the bike "grow" with the rider, provided they don't out grow the power the bike can put out. If they do, just buy a different bike.

Easy to detune, in fact, the factory installed a restriction plate in the exhaust head pipe, it's a 3/8" fender washer. $0.30 at any hardware store.

Don't bother with any aftermarket suspension "upgrades", check the mini thread PW 80 Questions for everything you could ever want to know about this bike.

Most of all, you have to try very hard to kill this bike and you should almost always be able to sell it for the same, if not more than you paid for it.

Size wise how does a pw 80 compare to a ttr 90? My 2 kids have outgrown the ttr50, they both fit the ttr90 well. I found what someone is calling a ttr80 for sale. I can only assume its a pw80.

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