08 KTM 50 SX Mini - Shutting Down

I recently purchased a basically brand new 08 SX Mini from a private owner. We took it out this weekend and it ran great for about 15 minutes and then it just shut down. I let it cool down for 15 minutes and fired it back up only to have it shutdown again when it got hot. After that I put it back on the trailer and hit the internet. It looks like this is/was a common problem with this model however, the solutions seem to vary from post to post. Does anyone know if KTM is treating this as a recall issue? If not, can someone tell me what the best solution is? I'd like to keep it AMA legal (if possible). THANKS!!

First follow your fuel line to make sure you don't have any kinks in it. Also check the tank vent line. If something is slightly clogged then the fuel bowl will run out and when you're 'letting it cool' it fills back up allowing it to start and run for a few minutes more. Once you know it's not either of those then you can look towards the stator getting hot. Most people will tell you it's the stator but I haven't had one go out yet so I'm still not sold on all these bad stators I keep hearing about.

if it quits after it gets hot, then its the stator or coil hands down. they go bad often, but an extra of each for the parts bin.

I have the same bike, and had the same problems. First thing I would do it take the oil injector pump off and make it a pre mixer. Next if you kid is just starting to ride trade the washers in the clutch to the springs. The springs are a lot cheaper and you dont have to change the oil as much as you will with the washer, but the washers have a better hit off the bottom if your kid is a fast rider

I"ve also read to check the flywheel for a crack.

The 08's had some issues with over heat and seizures. Putting the washer clutch from the LC bikes into the aircooled mini-adventure motor was an issue. Ours never did it, but I had lowered the engagement point for a beginner rider.

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