A little more help - routing of airbox drain tube

Hi guys, amazingly enough, my rear suspension job went smoothly (other than dropping my swingarm three feet onto a cement floor:banghead:). The only thing I'm not sure of is where the drain tube for the airbox is supposed to be routed. Right now I have it between the shock and the swingarm. I can't see any other decent place but it looks like it's going to constantly rub there. I MAY be able to get it on the outside of the swingarm near the chain, but that looks even worse. Any confirmation or correction would be appreciated. PS Felt good to finally get out and ride in nice weather today here in NJ. Went down a dirt road behind Six Flaggs and eyeballed the zebras, giraffes and other exotic animals.:thumbsup:

I shortened mine and routed it to the side above the swingarm.

I never moved mine from stock position, and it is between the shock and the swingarm.

Thanks so much my friends!!:thumbsup:

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