what clutch basket should i get. help??????

i need a new clutch basket for my bike. i can get a good deal on hinson, wisco or a moose. so those are what im stuck between. ive herd alot of good things about the hinson but for me i dont think ist worth the extra $50. so what have people had good luck with???

Also i see some baskets come with cushions. what are the cushions and do i need them???


I have had great luck with the Barnett basket with stainless inserts, if they get grooved you send it back and they fix it free. I think Hinson and Wiseco both have guarntees on their baskets now. The cushions are in between the gear and the basket and yes you need them, some people reuse the OEM ones if they are in good shape but it's not expensive to swap them out.

realy i did not know that they guarntees on them. but that sucks because barnett i cant get a deal on. ill look into it and hopefully hinson and wisco do on theres.

Anybody else have good luck with those brands??

I've had the wiseco in 2 bikes for a total of 3 years. I paid $100 for it 3 years ago. Very little notching. I think it will go another season easily and the bike gets ridden all year long.

search for monkey butt racing they had the Barnetts for 209.00

hey charlie ive seen you say in other posts something about adding a steal plate in the center. my clutch is all factory im just putting in a new basket and i am gonna re-use everything else. would now be a good time to put in that extra steal in??

also so would you buy wisco's again?

i can get barnetts for 160. i just dont want to spend much money, im laid off there for im a cheap @$$. haha

Cushions come with the stock basket. You can reuse them usually

The Hinsons are awesome units. You can run them hard and take them out after a race season, clean off the oil and sell it for new. There will not be a mark on it! They are great units.

But you can get the PE or Magnum baskets off E bay for like $140 shipped. Same basket as the late model CR125s. I have a PE in the 125 and it holds up great. Good price also.

The 450 has a Hinson and it still doesnt have a mark after 4 years.

But some ideas for you.

Correct - Wiseco offers a lifetime guarantee against notching or breaking on our forged baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates. I am not aware of anyone else in the clutch industry with the same guarantee.

I have used hinson in three bikes season after season they work like new.

Wiseco and barnett are awesome as well. Get whatever the cheapest you can find.

I just bought and installed a wisco basket. Very nice part, I bought new cushions. My old ones had several broken.

It's even better to know I covered with a warranty. I love Wisco parts, put in a piston also.

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