Replating cylinder on a 150sx

I am on my third piston(type 2) on my 150sx and around summer I want to either buy a new cylinder or re plate my cylinder..

Since it is so expensive to buy the new cylinder (600 bucks) I was wondering if anyone has any information on reliable companies that do good work re plating.

I heard about millenium but wasn't sure the best route for my bike...

L.a sleeve

I have my cylinder at PowerSeal USA. Look at them on line and call them.

Why would you replate the cylinder? Did you damage it? It would probably take years of use for the coating to wear beyond acceptable limits unless you got dirt in the motor or had some other problem. I've seen bikes with 3+ years of hard use, and the cylinder measures withing spec.

I have used Power Seal. I think both companies are good.

Like rpt50 says. You should measure it and not just assume. If it has waves or scratches you may make a decision to replate without measuring but take it apart to decide.

You definitely don't want to buy another cylinder. Most cylinder problems can be fixed by platting. Even ones that look really bad like broken out port bridges, big gouges etc.

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