SOS DRZ won't start

Could not find an answer using the search function

I get to my hunting spot and learn the bike against a tree. 10 minutes later I'm back and see a puddle of gas under the bike (did not seem like much of a lean angle at the time). I try to start it and nothing. Try to start with choke, nothing. Smell exhaust, no gas smell. Put petcock on res, pull line plenty of gas comming out. Keep trying until battery is dead, kick for 5 minutes, cuss the thing out and walk 5 miles home. The Z is 2000s and stock (kickstand kill switch mod) and yes it was on run with the clutch lever pulled in. Can the float valves get stuck closed? ideas?:thumbsup:

yes the float needle can stick up or down, open or closed. if thats the problem sometimes you can tap on the float bowl and sometimes solve that problem. then clean the carb when u get home

Puddle of gas???.. OK trailer it home, drain the fuel tank and carb, change the oil, filter and spark plug.. put small amount of fresh gas in,, start bike, then diagnose your leaking fuel petcock and or float needle / seat

very small puddle of gas (maybe a cup), I don't think that the petcock is leaking it's aftermarket high quality (forget the name) also the fuel is clean.

I know my bike likes to pee gas every now and then when I fill it up, ride a shorter distance and park it. Or when its bouncing around... Not sure about the not starting. I don't know what carb the 00 has... did if its the mikuni, I'd make sure the vacuum line was plugged in.

I dumped mine pretty good about a week ago, now it won't start. Not sure what the problem is- haven't had time to even look at the damage enough with work. Gives me time to break in the new motor in my 610.

Thanks for the replies, the new petcock does not use a vacume line.

OK well that would have been important info in your first post. :thumbsup:

Is it an OEM style vacuum operated one or fully manual? If manual, then sounds like you forgot to turn off the fuel.... If so,, Re read my post above.. same outcome as a leaking OEM vac operated one.

the petcock is a Pingel. Why would I have to drain the fuel tank if the petcock leaked? also if you don't mind explaining why should I drain the oil and change the spark plug? thanks

.......................... if your sure the petcock is not leaking then skip the draining of the tank., that was a suggestion before you told us you had replaced the OEM VAC operated one.

If you left your fuel on and the carb flooded,, PLUS the bike will no longer start.. Chances are the oil is contaminated with fuel... and the spark plug is fouled... Replace both, go ride,,,, just remember to turn off your fuel when you stop.

thanks for the scoops!

it would'nt hurt to do a compression test also.


Just random info:

If the carb floods enough to get (liquid) gas into the cylinder, when it leaks past the piston rings and into the crankcase (thus gas in your oil) it strips the oil out of said rings. So, you lose pretty much all the compression on the cylinder.

If you can squirt a little motor oil down the spark-plug hole without getting it on the threads, that can be a good thing to help lube up the piston rings. Just a wee bit of oil, (tablespoon-ish), though, as too much can foul the plug.

Z ready to go. It was just flooded. My knobbies (Kenda 760's) came in, now all I need are Rox 3.5" risers a 14 front sprocket and I'm trail ready. Thanks for all of your help and advice. Aloha Andrew

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