2006 rmz250 idiling issues

hello i was wondering if anyone could help me out on here please. my 2006 rmz250 that i just got was running fine for 2 days that i had it and they put new gas in it and it just started to run really weird. i dont know much about this bike because i dont have a manual.. What it does is that it starts up wen i put the choke on and then once i turn it off choke it shuts off unless i keep it reving. once i get going the throttle response is normal and all but once i slow down it starts making a popping noise out the muffler.. n once i stop it wont idle without the choke on and it shuts off. please help me guys im stuck n i just wna ride.. thank u any feedback would be greatt

First thing to check would be your valve clearance. I doubt that's it but it's something that should be checked ocasionally anyway. Next would be to remove the carb for a good cleaning. My guess is your pilot jet is clogged causing the issue. Remove all jets, the float, and the fuel screw. Clean everything with carb cleaner, blow out with compressed air, then reassemble.

I'm no expert here, and I may be way off base but you're wasting your time ripping things apart to check the valve clearance.

Why not start by simply adjusting your idle screw. It'll just let in a bit more fuel and keep er running. If that doesn't work, I am guessing that you may want to try adjusting your air screw or pilot screw adjuster. My logic may be wrong but if you changed fuel to a higher or lower octane (I think octane relates to the amount of oxygen in the fuel) it may have thrown off the ignition point of the fuel at an idle state. It may need more or less oxygen to keep it running.

If that doesn't do the trick, then yeah, maybe pull the carb and give it a clean or if you don't want to, simply get a carb cleaner from a shop and spray it through the air box as it tells you to do.

If you want a manual, send me a private message with your email and I'll email it to you in a pdf format. It's an '04 KX250F manual, but basically the exact same bike. I have been using it for my 06 RMZ250 without any noticable differences.

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