motocross on 60 minutes wednsday the 4th

Its going to be on wednsday the 4th on 60 minutes. Your gonna wanna watch this.

link to Rick Johnsons article on this

This is the one that every one was looking forward to / or feared. Remember the atv segment they did years ago. This could go either way.

I remember reading the article on this...should be interesting! Thanks!

Does anybody now what time this is on. I really dont want to miss it. :)

my tv guide says nancy reagon will be on 60 min at 9:00 pm . (california)

It should be on in about 10 minutes... I think...

Thanks for the heads up!! :)

Well...... never mind. ANYTHING related to motocross has the ABSOLUTE LOWEST priority on the planet to every station in the world. Even this little bit got upstaged by some saleen deon (spelled wrong and I don't care) show. :):D :D :D

Its on.

You east coasters need to let us know how it is,,,not on for another 2= hours here in Cali :)


Not bad, but short. Mostly Kenny Bartram and freestyle, short quotes from Mcgrath and Carmichael. No damage done.

That is good to hear! I was worried that it would be a slam piece. :)

In my opinion, they were REALLY trying to develop a bad boy image with no regard for personal safety or the safety of others....luckily, our proud professionals shot down their attempts...I especially liked Bertram's response to "I'm one that thinks you're crazy".. Those media reporters do nothing good, if you ask me. Praise to Rick Johnson, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, and Kenny Bertram. (hope I didn't miss anyone) :)

What was up with McGrath!

Theu had him make-up'd to the hilt didnt they? He didnt even look like MC. He looked like some kind of freakin manequin! :)

I just switched dish networks and I dont get CBS aaahhhhhhhhggggrrrrr :)


I'll record it for ya if you want. :)

I just got through watching the 60 minutes piece, and I have to say, it could have been alot worse!. Yes, MC looked like a stiff, RC looked like a punk(but what else is new?) And was I the only one who noticed that in almost every motocross shot, Big blue was in front? (Tim Ferry, MC on his old bike etc...)To include both freestyle and supercross didn't give the true story of either. They are two completly different sports(as WE all know..but the taxpayers and voters???)I can just see it now, in congress when they try to take more land away, as they refer to this piece, "They don't need land..they can all do their sport in an old rodeo arena..or a dirt field".Oh least they didn't show alot of crashes and blood & the piece before that..the firefighters..well..thats a different story!

Yesterday I was all excited about that coverage from a "very serious" organisation.

BUT, I share the same feelings you have: No damage to the image and surely no positive perception was developed for our sport.

Too bad. I tought the things had changed from the late 70"s. That is when I started riding. We were perceived as "near crazy", and it has'nt changed. We only have better protective equipement.

Anyway, I think I'll look for the movie "on any sunday". That will cheer me up. :)

By the way do any of you know where to get <dirt bike movie> ?

I have friends that don't ride that keep asking me when I'm gonna grow up and call me Peter Pan. I refuse!!!!

Hell, My MOTHER keeps asking me the same question. She figures that at 40 I should understand that racing motorcycles is foolish and get about the business of growing old gracefully!!

My response: "I will not go quietly into that deep dark night, but I will rage...rage against the dying of the light!"


growing old gracefully


I'm growing old gracefully :D .

I went back to riding dirt bike last year. If I don't count my BMW/7 ,my BSA Lightning and the 82 Virago 750 sitting in the garage for my oldest son (he's 15). My wr 426 2002 is my 11th or 12th bike dedicated to dirt riding. And I love it. I wonder why I stopped riding from 1983 to last year. May be the sense of responsability and the duty for raising a family got to me :) .

But now my kids are growing up and I feel I might not have the capacity to keep riding that beast when I'll get to the fifties. That's why I ride like it may be my last ride each time I crank it up. :D

Never know what life has in store for you!

One thing has changed, I use all the protective gear available. I may look like robocop but, it hurts less when I hit the ground and bounce around :D.

Keep riding no matter what ! :D

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