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This is what happens with neglect.

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Bike stored 8 months.. Not prepped for storage.. Gas in tank and carb left to evaporate, no stabilizer in gas..



So you think that crappy pump gas is still a good idea ๐Ÿ‘

Oil was not changed prior to storage... contaminates in oil ate some of the caseings...

Battery not on a tender, dead and unusable.

Brake fluid that was already 4 years old not changed.. both calipers are frozen,,, will need complete rebuild.

And that is just the mechanical stuff, there is corrosion all over the aluminum bits...

Guy will be in to me for $450 or so by the time it runs.. No it's not a DRZ... but the same caution applies to any bike, and the same damage will happen no matter the brand.....

nasty gas.jpg

Nasty Jets.jpg

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If I'm riding it once a month or so, is that sufficient to keep things from gumming up? I'm new to bikes in general, so this is all great info for me.


If you're getting it real warmed up on a good ride once a month that's MUCH better than nothing. That will not stop old gas from going bad if it's the same tank of fuel you're not killing...but it will help other stuff like most fluids breaking down and your battery going bad if you don't put a charger on it.

Ex- I changed the oil on my room mate's 2001 zx6 last summer. It's only had about 250 mile on it since then. I then recently changed it again around the end of march and it was a clearish nasty grey...like acidic...gaskets and seals breaking down grey....as opposed to sludgy like it was high mileage.

Ex of laziness- My buddy's father for the past 3 summers has paid me to get his Intruder 800 back up running. Every summer I change the old oil that always has under 50 miles on it and always looks awful, run or flush the old gas (I use Sta-bil), run cleaners though it, then put in another cheap walmart battery (per his request). The first time it had sat for 2 years and I had to go over the carbs. The best part is he has a battery tender I always plug in for him and he always unplugs it and wraps it up neatly. I tell him to at least start it once a month since he doesn't ride it, he never does.

Ex of Stubborn- This Easter weekend I tried to get my father's '71 VW Ghia running for him. 3 years ago he put a new battery in it and filled the 7 gallon tank up. He has always told me stabil is just a scam and that car'd run no matter what it's so tough. He now has 7 gallons of rotten gas to get rid of and a dry battery that wouldn't take a charge even after I put a quart of water back in it. Stubborn FAIL.

The worst thing you can do to a machine is simply park it and forget it!

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