Have been riding kx125 without powervalve ....

I have been riding a 97 kx125 without the powervalve working ....i thought there was a reason it wouldn't wheelie :)

had no powerband "hit" when crack throttle.... no power wheelies even with a 13/52 gearing :applause:

just got it couple months ago and discovered the governor pin was gone and had no bearings in it to make it operate:bonk: very dity air filter also ...

reeds good,spark good, new air filter , hopefully better compression after hone and new top end?

PV's never opened during acceleration and the valves were very clogged with carbon when i cleaned the assembly

so i hope i will have some more power ? cylinder was very glazed over also ...... now freshly honed , new top end , and PV's working :thumbsup:

haven't ridin yet ...waiting for gaskets :lol:

how much more power ? anyone ever ridin a 125 without PV working ?

hoping this work will help compression and give it some balls

any input would be great:thumbsup:

how much more power ? anyone ever ridin a 125 without PV working ?

Lots. Lots and lots.

I've ridden a 200XC without the powervalve opening, might as well have been a corked up XR200.

Look at it this way: total valve failure in your engine, and it still ran! With minimal damage!

On my KDX I had one powervalve seized up so 2 were still opening. Rebuilt the topend and replaced the powervalves. Huge difference in power from that one valve not working. You will gain a lot of power going from none working to all of them working.

New top-end and fixed a non-functioning power valve? You'll think you're on a different bike.

Where did the pin and bearings go? Did you find them?

Where did the pin and bearings go? Did you find them?

tiny thrust washer bearings found in bottom of outer case and the GOV bearings ....a mystery:bonk: may have came out during a oil change cuz since i got it i have changed many times .... not sure only have had it couple months ....got lucky cuz dont see any damage from GOV bearings flying ?? looked at all gears ...from outer case holes...no damage. was amazed cuz when i pulled off outer case the GOV assembly fell out ...the outer pin must have broke and let the balls fly :lol: little damage on the outer edge of ramps ...maybe when the ball flew out ...

waiting for new GOV parts still :thumbsup:

can't wait to get rippin ...have been riding with no PV since i got it:foul:

lol...it's gonna be a week before the smile goes away. :thumbsup:

this gets me thinking that my powervalves or top end may need some work. I recently picked up a 1995 KX 125 and it has no balls at all (no wheelie, raps out very fast and just doesnt really get up and go). I thought it was because of my fat ass LOL (5'7" - 190 LB) but after reading this, I may need to do some repairs.

Are there any tests I can do to confirm a bad top end?

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