flywheel weights

I've been reading about the +s of putting flywheel weights on MX bikes for tight woods and tracks.I have a 2008 yzf250 that I would like to install flywheel weights on. So my ? are how much wt, ozs. what brand, can I buy a WR fly wheel wt, does Yamaha make them for yzf250s or do I need to go after market.My other question is how much work is there to installing them..thanks

Yamaha GYTR for yz250f is your best bet. No cover spacers, bolts right up.

I purchased a flywheel for my YZ426 from stealhlyoffroad. I talked with the owner for about an hour before I decided which one to go with. Get a complete flywheel with added weight, that way you can always go back to stock.

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